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Where dreams come alive.

Movies Come Alive
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This is a community for those who love to play tribute to their favorite movies. Fantasy/Drama/comedy/action/horror
there are a few rules to this community:
1. This is a picture community and so the posts must be related to pictures, or Ideas for dressing up.
2.The pictures posted must have to do with a movie or a book, please post which movie you are dressing from.
3.have fun and let your imaginations fly.

moderator of the community:lilypotter82

when you become a new memember please answer these questions
and post them for our happiness:
2.favorite movie(you can list more the one)
3.favorite character from a movie(you can list more then one)
4.favorite costume from a movie(you can list more then one)
5.favorite book or series
6.favorite writer
7.favorite movie soundtrack
8.favorite book thats been made into a movie
9.character from a book or movie that you look up to

and thats it have fun with it!